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Throughout the last 3 years I have amerced myself in the SEO world, learning as much as I can about the correct length of title tags, catchy meta descriptions and the best ways to gain links that will help boast rankings. These experiences have helped me to understand a small fraction of the heavy war that is waged daily in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Let me tell you my friends, this is a battle for the ages. SEO’s understand ways to help boost their rankings and Google finds new ways to lower them again. Not only is the fight raging between the ranks with white and black hats, but also between leaners trying to figure out how to best please Google in an effort to succeed. But within the last year there has been a new player into the tired SEO world and he goes by the name of social media. Social Media plays outside of SEO’s rules and provides new weapons in the ongoing struggle for rankings. Whether it is a tweet, Facebook share, or StumbleUpon post, social media is helping to level the playing field.

Every company, big to small can create a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and instantly have access to the hundreds of millions of users that are spending their days browsing these sites. While Google remains important, gaining fans and followers can no longer be left to the way side, as they are used in some form to effect rank in both Google and Bing. An SEO’s resume now needs to be updated with the buzz words Social Media in order to be competitive, and this new world has endless possibilities to the creative and motivated. We have wrote many times on the benefits of these social media platforms and how to effectively use them, but the quicker a company can leverage them the more effective they will be heading into the future. There is not a business that does not have some fan somewhere that is  ready to take advantage of their deals, discuss their new product line and maybe even introduce them to a friend or two. Welcome to the world of SEOcial Media, utilize its full potential and your business can succeed


The Social Media Effect

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I will try to write this as unbiased as possible as I do think the effect is one that has both good and bad ramifications. Ones that we will feel over the next generation and leading into the next big thing, but I want to try and address the issue of “The Social Media Effect.” It is more an idea then it is a series of words, and the idea comes from the beleief that as a culture things are moving faster in the last 10 years then the previous hundred. The idea that as a people we are fast becoming lost in the web of the internet and using it to replace the things we started it out to help. The idea that it is much easier to IM, Poke, SMS, Tweet, or Message a friend down the hall then it is to invite them to a face to face interaction. Yes, this does bring about the positives such as staying in contact with people without getting writes cramp from penning a letter, but does the Social Media Effect outweigh the negatives that it is creating. I think most people would think not.

This post was originally brought about by a blog I saw on Mashable this week titled “How Social Media is positivily impacting our culture.” While I admit the stories shown in the article are cute I can’t help but think about these positives as negatives as well. Yes the child is able to text his father, but by having that technology will he ever look at a book the same way? It reminds me a quote I cant seem to refrence where an old author states that there will never be another CS Lewis. Not because he was a brilliant man, but because our culture has become one of consuming little bits of information as fast as possible and moving on to the next thing, that the ideas of intellegence and research are replaced by influence and Wikipedia. Technology, culture and the social media effect have made us consumers on the highest level possible, eating every bit of digital information possible to only discard it as fast as we ingested it.

Yes, social media has brought about a lot of good, but even I, a child of 25, think about a life where I am not constantly being bombarded with my fake religous friends post on drinking in the same sentence they quote scripture. I am not 100% free of these hypocracies, but I can’t help but think the movie Idiocricy is being bread true in the generations that dont understand what you are saying now will hurt you in the end. I love the interaction I have with my friends and I have profiles on the major sites, but it scares me to think of the amount of condemning information I have given freely to the Gods of technology through every status update, tweet and Myspace post I have written in last 10 years. Bundle that with the overwheleming ease social media gives to the lower 5% of society that preys on the weak with every opportunity and you are looking a a monster with two totally different faces. But I digress…

The Social Media Effect. As beautiful as it is dangerous. I embrace it like I should. With excitement over the technology it brings and fear of the effect this drug will have on generations to come.

In Technology the Only Constant is Innovation

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This post was spurred on by a recent interview I either read or heard from someone speaking on the constants in technology. He stated “There can be no long term goals in technology as it is forever changing, five years ago Facebook was still in a college dorm room.” I found this quote particularly interesting as having a background in technology I have been around long enough to see the Facebook of that time become nothing more then nostalgia, and I think it goes to prove a point. If you are living on the internet with your business, service, or blog without constant, hard innovation you have no chance of true success.

But really this should be nothing new, I mean the internet was founded on this idea. A wireless computer network used to transit information and messages was unheard of in that time. Then came the dot com startups that had all the money in the world only to watch it fall into nothing in a short span of time. Then most recently the advent of the social network where you never keep any of the minute details of your daily life to yourself. The only constant in technology is change. And not simple change for changes sake, but a hard push to invest the money, resources and time into the future while at the same time trying to define what that future is. Google understands this, Apple understands this, Microsoft used to understand this, even the founders of Groupon and Twitter understand this. They all were connected to something the generally population couldn’t see, the idea that what is big now only has an increasingly expire shelf date. When that innovation is done people will embrace a new digital device that holds music or a service that let’s you write only 80 character messages to your friends, and if that idea was not yours then you will start playing catch up.

Maybe your company is ok with maintaining the relative momentum they currently have, but without innovation and without an ear to the ground for the next big thing you will be caught off guard and be grasping to exist.

I repeat, in technology the only constant is innovation

-written from my iPad

Fiverr: The Best Site on the web?

February 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I recently was turned onto this website called The premise is simple people tell you what they will do for 5 dollars. If you want it you give them five dollars, if you dont you move onto the next one. You can also add yourself for 5 dollars to the site and offer one of your talents. It is insanely additicing since all of the things are within the impulse purchase range and are actually interesting offers. There is everything from a potrait of your dog and a man rolling in the snow screaming whatever you want to backlinks for your website and professional voice overs for videos. The talent is actually pretty decent on some videos. Where else can you pay 5 dollars to recieve a radio commercial then turn around and send another 5 dollars having a new stand up comedian bemean your friend. Im just saying, do yourself a favor and checker out, but if you use it to pick up backinks and think your site is going to skyrocket in Google… don’t say I didnt warn you when you are hit with a penalty. 😉

PS: I am in online marketing / SEO and am a fan of new technology, interesting websites, and ranking organically in Google. This blog serves to allow me an outlet to discuss all of those interests and more. Come with me on this journey by subscribing to my RSS. Until next time…